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At Garnet we exhibit a passion for excellence and innovation in all that we do. Our strategy is to offer services and solutions that are of high quality at low cost. We develop and deliver software solutions to suit individual requirements that help our clients to apply technology in meaningful way to their business.

To seamlessly provide solutions that can be used to leverage information technology to gain a competitive edge.

Client Benefits

Comprehensive range of services:

We operate on a wide spectrum of services, which span from software development to consultancy and manpower services.This is certainly a one-stop place for any IT business.

Cost-Effective service:

You get quality along with quantity of services, at a price that makes a good business sense for client.


Here you can discover the opportunities we offer for expansion of IT deployments in your business.

Management and protection of existing IT investments:

We not only take care of expansion but are equally competent in management and protection of existing IT investments. Furthermore, our advisory services ensure that you never over invest and you derive the best out of your existing investments.

A strategic location for business:

Located in India. We offer you the advantages that go with the emerging leader in IT services that is India. We offer you a skilled manpower base, favorable government policies, quality infrastructure, established credentials and cost-effectiveness.

Currently working with MNCs on J2EE and client-server based applications in streamlining business process.
Offshore Outsourcing IT Service Provider - Garnet Technologies Pvt Ltd